In The Past African Stories Were Oral. But Now And The Future Our Stories Are Told Visual!

Tell your brands story with our premium out stream native video ad units. Our ad units sit within premium editorial content making the ads non-obtrusive, user experience optimized with the impact measurable by analytics.

Our Services

Our native video units are so good you’ll think they were born on the page.

Engaging Video Units

Designed for the viewer, video ad units are sleek, native & non obtrusive for mobile & web. Click Studio.

Transparency & Control

Advertisers have campaign level and granular insight & control over campaigns run on our dashboard, via our self serve UI.

Premium Ad Inventory

Top line clients, the biggest agencies and the most creative advertising ensures your content is not compromised.

Real Time Reporting

We give advertisers & publishers campaign level and granular insight into campaigns run on our dashboard.

Cross Screen

We all consume media on desktop, tablet and mobile. We sell and buy across all screens. Our unit renders perfectly on all major browsers

Creative Advertising

Do you need a TV ad , written, shot and placed across all forms of media. Contact us.

High fill Rates

Partnering with us lets you take full advantage of our ad inventory ensuring you do not under-monetize your video content.

Prompt Payment

Cheque, Paypal , Wire Transfer or Cowries, we ensure you get paid on due date. No delays. Sign up and pick your preferred form of payment.

Cost per day

Our unique cost per day method of buying ad space enables advertisers exclusively buy a video ad space on a premium website for a number of days. CPD is perfect for brand launches or high value days.

1. Advertisers

Log in. Click on Cost Per Day tab. Select any of the available local websites in the CPD drop down menu. Add budget and your videos will be displayed exclusively on premium CPD ad units.

2. Publishers

Sign up. Create two sites for your website. Add one tag per site , one for a CPM ad unit and another for Cost Per Day (CPD) unit. CPD unit will be available to advertisers on request.